Our Workforce & Asset Service Solutions

Connected Workforce & Asset Service Solutions are crucial in many industrial sectors. With the speed of digital transformation accelerating at a furious pace, companies need to quickly connect their experts to keep up.


Our solutions will make maintenance, inspection, repair and construction activities safe and controllable. Use our low code development engine to build highly mature, secure, functional, scalable and easily connectable to any legacy system and smart devices, customizable to any workflow business management systems at development speeds 10-20 times faster than in traditional development projects. 

The Rise of the
Connected Worker

The mass adoption of smart devices has sparked a new wave of remote work. However, flexible or remote working looks different depending on the industry. For example, in the context of business services such as engineering or manufacturing, employees e.g operators, maintenance experts, engineers and even executives who carry out different tasks remotely using digital technologies are known as connected workers.

Real Time Data -

Real Time Benefits

When workers are connected to assets in real time, they can make better, more informed decisions—ultimately becoming a more efficient workforce overall. As a result, industries could unlock a wealth of benefits, such as:

  • Reducing human error

  • Massively increasing productivity

  • Reducing dangerous incidents

  • Reduce downtime

  • Improving knowledge management

  • Seamless digital documentation

A connected device has the ability to connect with other devices and systems via the internet. The connected worker device market is set for rapid growth over the next two decades. Industries such as Manufacturing Energy, Chemicals and Construction lead the way in the adoption of connected worker technologies. 

NCT has implemented various projects in Connected Workforce & Asset Services.