Our Solutions

NCT offers a highly flexible, secure and modular NoCode/LowCode development platform to support Digital Process Automation projects in enterprises.

You don’t have to spend weeks or even months getting up to speed with our technology before you can create solutions. Our experts have developed more than a 100 client applications, are constantly adding new features and applications that can implement your business process requirements perfectly for a fraction of costs compared to traditional software projects.

Especially in industrial and asset centric sectors our solutions are making a big difference. We have many years of practical experience in the implementation of Connected Workforce & Asset Service solutions which can be easily adapted to the maintenance and development projects of large enterprises and infrastructure players who have specific requirements in controlling and managing their critical processes with hundreds of engineers and field technicians in remote teams and with specific safety and security compliance regulations.

Be up and running in a short time with one of our proven pre-built solutions. Get in touch and we will show you the difference and advantages of using No Code Technologies.

NCT Connected Workforce
& Asset Service Solutions

Connected Workforce & Asset Service Solutions are crucial any industrial sector.


They will make maintenance and construction activities safe and controllable. Use our no code development engine to build highly mature, secure, functional, scalable and easily connectable to any legacy system and smart devices, customizable to any workflow business management systems at development speeds many times faster than in traditional development projects.


As companies navigate the challenges of COVID-19, implementing connected workforce technologies and creating a highly transparent data-driven work environment may quickly become an increasingly important priority which has an immediate positive effect on the companies productivity, safety record and the bottom line.


NCT Compliance
& Controls 

Use our low code development engine to implement control and compliance relevant processes with many interactions, documentation needs and approval steps. Our pre-built modules can handle complex process interactions which are necessary in complex organisations to deal with regulatory compliance and complex documentation requirements (e.g. internal risk frameworks or legal reporting requirements).

Turn requirements into powerful management dashboards for enterprise critical processes.

NCT 3D Visualisation Solution

Interactive 3D user interfaces will dominate the future of design, communication, training and management for a lot of organizations - especially in the world with and after Covid. NCT 3D delivers interactive real-time 3D software in conjunction with its powerful no code management efficiency engines.

We apply state-of-the-art video gaming technologies that significantly enhances several use cases and managements ability to showcase crucial development projects to their stakeholders, 
customers and workforce.


NCT Consulting

Although the implementation of our technologies is much faster than traditional software development projects many customers ask for additional support in the design and implementation phase of our technologies.


The NCT Consulting teams are ready to support with Training, Project Management, Business Design and System Integration tasks. Alternatively we will train your in-house experts or are also open to cooperate with external implementation consultants of your choice who already know your business processes.