Below are a few NCT project examples where our customers have connected their workforces and implementated complex digital processes based on NCT's NoCode platform.

Connected Workforce & Asset Service Solutions 

Industrial maintenance Inspections for any type of infrastructure (grids, converters, pipelines, machinery, IT assets)

Security Inspections on residential, commercial, industrial and municipal buildings, infrastructure

Remote Staff Readiness Inspections - task readiness and level of training, check of necessary tools & documents and their responsiveness regarding safety rules&procedures

Industrial Vehicle Inspections - inspections on their vehicles, including their mechanical condition and their look and feel

Accident Inspections and Reporting - investigate and document accidents or near accidents that have occurred at the sites/within critical asset areas 


Hazard Inspection and Removal Inspection - after identification of a hazard a “hazard inspection” is generated for the maintenance team which has to follow up, act and document properly


Preventive Maintenance Inspections - conduct preventive maintenance inspections and to make sure that if anything needs to be fixed before a major piece of equipment breaks down with high follow up costs


Reactive Maintenance Inspections - inspect and fix equipment when it does break down.


Property Inspections - inspect your commercial, retail, residential, industrial and infrastructure properties  for various cases. This is of crucial importance in the current Covid situation to keep your employees or customers safe.

In all cases our platform is ready for all kind of data integration and to secure the highest level of process compliance through multiple ways of confirmation and documentation steps which can be documented in Management dashboards. 


Powerful 3D Visualisation platform

Digital Twins of Infrastructure and facilities

Real-time 3D simulations, operations and facilities visualization

Interactive project or product demonstrations

Interactive 3D enterprise management tools

Realistic enterprise safety trainings

In all cases our platform is able to increase the quality of customer, stakeholder or employees interactions significantly.

In combination with real-time data from IoT sensors or other data sources our 3D technology will act as a basis for a  Digital Twin. 

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